Studio Spectacle & Niet Normaal INT

Robot holding a human baby
InMoov robot designed by Gael Langevin. Foto: Yethy

Since 2007 Niet Normaal INT develops experience-based exhibitions at the interface of design, art and technology, with the ambition to initiate social discussions, mix audience groups, and to contribute to a liveable world.

The exhibitions usually attract big crowds and ample press coverage. Robot Love, for instance, asked the question: what can we learn from robots about love? It received 35.000 paying visitors and another 65.000 at the academy programme during Dutch Design Week. Publications included the Dezeen article: "Tech companies' development of AI is "unethical" says Robot Love curator."

The ambition of Niet Normaal INT to work towards an inclusive, pluralistic society stretches beyond the cultural field. That's why the foundation has asked Studio Spectacle to help develop a business model that will create impact within the corporate world and governing bodies. We're thrilled to work with such a radical group that is so deeply invested in human diversity.

The project includes:

  • Business model

  • Strategy

  • Website

  • Copywriting

  • Visual identity

  • User testing

Updates will follow in separate posts!