Creative concept? Content that converts?
training? Let's make it spectacular.


What we do

We are a strategic marketing communication agency, helping brands grow with substance and style. Studio Spectacle brings together creatives, strategists and trainers that help organisations create and implement impactful communication strategies.


We are a satellite network of content creators, online marketeers, innovation consultants, coaches, graphic designers, copywriters, trainers, photographers, video makers, web designers, programmers, artists, philosophers and cake bakers.  ​


We work on result driven projects such as marketing campaigns, visual branding strategies and copywriting projects. But we can also step in ad interim to keep your marketing department up to speed, or to train your team in topics such as design thinking and online marketing. 

Communication strategy   Design Thinking workshops  Branding

Copywriting Concept development

Content marketing    In-company trainings  Marketing campaigns 

Learning Experience design

About us

Studio Spectacle was founded by Minke Havelaar as a hub that connects ​creatives and strategists to clients who are looking to grow their brand with authenticity, inside and out.

Throughout her marketing career —which spans over 13 years— Minke has worked with a large pool of talented professionals. Empowered by the resilience of fellow-entrepreneurs during the Corona crisis, Minke decided to leverage this network and create a satellite-agency.

The name of the studio refers to the visually striking work we aim to deliver for our clients. But it was inspired by the glasses that Minke has been wearing since 2020 — a year that forced us all to look at life and work with a new pair of eyes. A number of studies have found people who wear glasses are perceived as smarter, more dependable, industrious and honest. Which are our core values.


Do you need a business partner that looks at your brand critically, gives sincere feedback, and works hard to create intelligent and elegant content? Then you're in for something spectacular.


Clients &


We work for (and with) many inspiring organisations:

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